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RPG report #1

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RPG report #1

Post by thenextdoor on Mon Mar 17, 2014 11:15 pm

So far it seems like for the first week all decks showed their weakness and peaked and fell!

Fire, Light and Wind being considered the Top Tier decks from the beginning with Earth showing potential but player base was not huge for Earth.

Here is my own version of the tier list when it comes to starters:

1. Light
2. Wind
3. Fire
4. Dark
5. Earth
6. Water

Viewing how the next packs come out Dark, Fire, and Water should make a bigger impact on the game while Earth will stay as a standard deck. Light proved to be the most wanted starter deck to be mixed with along with Fire as they brought better generic cards.

With Elemental Burst 2 and people having new cards with mixing starters lets hope to see interesting deck building.

Here is pictures of decks i think could be made and have an impact on gameplay for this period before Uprising Greatness comes out:
more to come

Hope this was informative
~ TND  drunken

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