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Rarity Change List v1.2

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Rarity Change List v1.2 Empty Rarity Change List v1.2

Post by thenextdoor on Wed Mar 19, 2014 7:24 pm

Any card not listed here is considered a Common:

Ultra Rare:

From Starters:
Celestial Wolf Lord, Blue Sirius
Crimson Blader
Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Magical Android
Naturia Landoise
Orient Dragon

From EB2:

From URG:
Widespread Dud

Super Rare:

From Starters:
Blast With Chain
Blasting Fuse
Burden of the Mighty
Defense Draw
Draining Shield
Flying Kamakiri #1
Giant Rat
Heat Wave
Mother Grizzly
Mystic Tomato
Poseidon Wave
Rush Recklessly
Shining Angel
Spell Shield Type-8
Swallow's Nest
UFO Turtle

From EB1:

From EB2:
Aqua Spirit
Delta Flyer
Dewdark of the Ice Barrier
Garuda the Wind Spirit
Jutte Fighter
Night's End Sorcerer
Rose, Warrior of Revenge
Soul of Purity and Light
Spirit of Flames
The Rock Spirit

From URG:
Ambitious Gofer
Blizzard Falcon
Des Volstgalph
Disciple of the Forbidden Spell
Hazy Flame Griffin
Twin-Headed Behemoth
Different Dimension Capsule
Divine Wrath


From Starters:
Abyss Soldier
Axe of Fools
Big Wave Small Wave
Dark Tinker
Double Cyclone
Exarion Universe
Exiled Force
Freed the Brave Wanderer
Hunter Owl
Kaiser Colosseum
Magna Draco
Solar Flare Dragon
Sunny Pixie
Swords of Concealing Light
Tune Warrior
Turbo Rocket
Water Spirit

From EB1:
Gaia Power
Luminous Spark
Molten Destruction
Mystic Plasma Zone
Rising Air Current

From EB2:
4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
Balloon Lizard
Big Eye
Deep Diver
Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective

From URG:
Absolute Crusader
Airknight Parshath
Chachaka Archer
Hyper-Ancient Shark Megalodon
Master of the Flaming Dragonswords
Peten the Dark Clown
Ego Boost
Half Shut
Kunai with Chain
Spellbinding Circle

List to be edited more as packs have not been included into this list.

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