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Post by thenextdoor on Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:49 pm

The first tournament has finished, results have been posted.
Uprising Greatness is out now! Check out the Card Shop to buy them or check out the pack info.

With the past 4 weeks have seen many different decks shaping surging with mashes of starter decks and booster packs. Side decking will for sure be a huge factor with Uprising Greatness out. Also, Dark deck will have a huge boost from it and will most likely be the top deck if players look into it. Fire and Earth will also have big boosts and will make it to top tier. Wind and Light will not be getting too much of a boost but is enough to maintain their goodness live in duels and win. Water sadly is still the hardest deck to pull great stuff from. With URG, water can submit itself to a Big Wave Small Wave builds with Hyper-Ancient Shark Megalodon being a good monster and Unshaven Angler being able to summon it easier if you don't pull Big Wave Small Wave.

Here is my own version of the tier list when it comes to starters right now:

1. Light
2. Wind
3. Earth
4. Dark
5. Fire
6. Water

Hope this was informative!

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