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Post by thenextdoor on Mon Feb 10, 2014 1:04 pm

Hello and Welcome to the world of "Artech, Battle City", an RPG like experience of Yu-Gi-Oh! Here you will build decks, collect cards and duel with all you got available. Make a name for yourself, be a Hero or a Villian, the choice is yours. Form teams and trade cards with other players to obtain what you need for your deck(s). All this is to make a fun and different experience while playing Yu-Gi-Oh!

To learn what to do or how to play in Battle City continue reading this post.


  • Character Sheet
  • Battle Points
  • Cards
  • Dueling Arena
  • Role Play Scenes
  • Trading

 Like a Star @ heaven Character Sheet:
- The Character Sheet is where you will post what the Attributes of your character will be for the RPG.
- All the cards you own will be placed here, so if you want to check out someones cards you can check out their Character Sheet. Only an admin can touch the list of cards listed on your character sheet, when you obtain new cards or trade away or sell your older ones an admin will edit it for you when transactions are done officially.
- Think of the Character Sheet to be like the custom settings for the character you are playing.
- To create your Character Sheet click on this Here and make a new post.
- When creating the Character Sheet, the player must select what deck they will like to start with. Check out this link to view the list of cards in each starter. After the sheet has been posted, the deck you selected will be added in your sheet as soon as possible.

 Like a Star @ heaven Battle Points:
- Battle Points (BP) is the currency system placed for the RPG.
- BP is used to buy cards whether is from a starter deck, booster pack or by singles from traders.
- BP is obtained by dueling or selling cards to other players or even winning contests from outside the RPG. 1 BP is gained per day that you have logged in to give you that tiny push for extra BP.
- To view how much BP a player has simply check in their profiles or under their avatars in posts.
- BP is updated manually by Administrators.

 Like a Star @ heaven Cards:
- Instead of using ALL the cards available in Dueling Network, players only get to use the cards they are provided with. Players obtain better cards thus giving the sensation of progression that a RPG would give you.
- When you own a card, you own a "code". This code lets you have access to using 3 copies of the same card. Thus, having owner ship of 2 cards or more of the same cards is useless.

 Like a Star @ heaven Dueling Arena:
- Duel Arena is were all the duels will take place in Battle City. Click Here to check out the Duel Arena.
- By dueling using the Duel Arena grants you BP.
- Any duels that are not appropriately recorded in the Duel Arena will not be marked as official duels and no BP can be granted to players.
- Any duel done in Duel Arena must be done using only cards listed in your character sheet. Using any card not listed there will mark players as cheating.

 Like a Star @ heaven Role Play Scenes:
- Role Play Scenes are duels or tournaments in which great reward will be given to those who complete them.
- This is when your Alignment matters, some duels only Heroes can duel and some duels only Villains can duel.
- Some duels may or may not change the rules for dueling in Battle City.
- Teams will be incorporated to add more scenes for Battle City.
- Click Here to find out about the current scenes

 Like a Star @ heaven Trading:
- Players can trade their cards by having a trading market open Here.
- When making trades, please understand and follow the guides provided Here. (link not provided yet).
- Players can trade cards for cards and cards for BP.
- Remember when players trade, they must own the cards and that means it must be listed inside their perspective Character Sheets.

Hopefully this was useful and that now you can comprehend better the purpose of this project. If you have any question feel free to PM me or chat with anyone in the Chatbox. Also, if you want to be updated with what will happen go here:

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